Bathroom Plumbing


Plumbing's not always glorious. If you have a bathroom issue, reach out and let us know.

Water Line Repair


Water's an essential ingredient to life, but when you have a problem with it, it's the last thing you want.

Plumbing Repair


There are a lot of old houses around the valley and a lot of them have plumbing that breaks!

We're a full-service plumbing solution. no matter how small or how large your plumbing problem, we've got a fix for you.


After more than three decades of servicing Orange County's plumbing needs, let Perry install a high efficency boiler and $AVE

Full Service

  • Well pumps and tanks
  • Faucets and fixture installation
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Hot water heaters
  • Boilers
  • Oil and gas hot water heating systems
  • Gas conversions and piping
  • Toilet repairs and installations
  • Sink, tub, and shower drains cleared 
  • Bathroom renovations                           

 Perry Harris Plumbing & Heating is also licensed to perform the electrical work associated with your project. 

Whether it’s a plumbing emergency, a dream kitchen, or an energy-saving hot water boiler, Perry Harris Plumbing & Heating will do the job right … the first time out! 

Perry Harris Plumbing & Heating has offered Orange County home owners excellent service and peace of mind since 1975. We are licensed, insured, and registered with the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Leak Detection


If any of the pipes in your home have a leak (including gas pipes), give us a call.

 Plumbing Services

(845) 469-2765

​Professional plumbing

Leaks? No problem.

Water woes, Perry goes!

Perry specializes in well problems and has all the latest equipment for fixing your well.